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VNT bank loan advisory process in securing your loan only involves 5 simple steps


Our bank loan agency will schedule a 1-1 consultation with the client.


Quotation will be provided based on the client’s budget and preferred packages.


Upon approval, an application is submitted to the relevant bank.


Loan approval process and disbursement will be monitored.


After loan disbursement, payment will be collected.


Loan approval process and disbursement will be monitored.


After loan disbursement, payment will be collected.

We offer assistance in redefining your perspective on cash flow, covering everything from cash flow forecasting to risk assessment. With our expertise, we can assist with your bank loan rejection concerns, regardless of your credit score on CCRIS or CTOS, or if you're blacklisted.

Basic Document That Need To Be Collected

Salary Earner

1) Copy of NRIC
2) latest 3-6 month payslip
3) Latest 2 year EPF
4) Latest 2 year income tax

Self Employed (Sole Prop / Partnership)

1) Copy of NRIC
2) SSM
3) 6 month bank statement
4) Latest 2 year Management Account

Self Employed (Sdn Bhd)

1) Directors IC Copy
2) SSM
3) Latest 6 month Bank Statement
4) Latest 3 years audit report
5) Salary Slip (if available)

Other additional documents that are needed are for case to case basis.

You May Be Experiencing These Now

Require funds for your purposes but do not have enough savings to cover the expenses

Finding solutions to match your unique financial circumstances

Facing credit challenges

Need immediate fund

Denied by Bank / Loan application is rejected by bank

more than


Approval Rate


Years of Loan Advisory Experience





Why Choose VNT Advisory for Your Personal or Business Refinancing?

Our licensed loan agents provide solutions that spruce up your financial record and credit score

We assess each loan application carefully in order to get your desire loan amount

We speed up the application process, getting you a fast & hassle-free clean loan

Enjoy a free loan consultation with our professional team

Find your optimal financial solution and stay updated with the latest news, including expert advice on debt consolidation, with our professional guidance

Successful Cases

IT Software Engineer, Basic RM5,800.

BEFORE vnt advisory

High commitment issue with mainly credit cards debt.

4 overused limit credit card with each limit RM12,000, RM15,000, RM15,000, and RM20,000.

after vnt advisory

In the end gotten approval from Hong Leong Bank for RM86,000, settling RM62K+ credit card outstanding still has RM20K+ cash on hand.

Operation management in well known logistic company. High pay low commitment but no idea why no matter where apply couldn’t get the max margin 90%.

BEFORE vnt advisory

Wanted to get the max margin of finance of the desired RM1.05million property which is 90%, but applied 3 banks all came back with 80%+, which the customer couldn’t accept because the max down payment that he can pay is only 10% of the desired RM1.05million property.

After vnt advisory

In the end gotten approval with our help from MBSB Bank, 90% margin of finance just like the customer’s desired, process and disbursement all smooth.

Running F&B company, a well known chicken fast food franchise, turnover around RM100K to RM200K per month. Looking to expand but no bank willing to offer loan to a company that hasn’t reach 3 years.

BEFORE vnt advisory

Wanted to get a minimum RM250K loan to further expand his business, but due to the company ssm existing only for 2years+, no bank would want to approve a high amount to the customer as one of the requirement for sme loan (business loan) is that the company had to be ssm registered 3 years above.

After vnt advisory

In the end gotten approval with our help from Agro bank, a total of RM400K, way more than what the customer requested which is RM250K, customer expand his business by setting up more new store with his well enough funding.

Store Manager, Basic RM3,200.

BEFORE vnt advisory

Had special attention account being recorded and shown in the ccris profile, therefore supposedly customer is not able to get any approval from any bank. As special attention account only occurs when the bank sue the customer for long time dragged delayed payment, showing in the ccris profile meaning that the customer has a bad payment behaviour therefore no bank would offer loan to the customer.

After vnt advisory

In the end gotten approval with our help from BSN bank, a total of RM33K, even when the customer has special attention account.

Alliance Bank banker, basic RM3,700.

BEFORE vnt advisory

Wanted to start a business, needed RM140K or above. But self commitment is already high, apply few times able to get approval but the amount not high enough just around RM30K-RM40K. And it is not usual that bank is willing to offer a high personal loan amount which is above rm150k for basic below RM5,000.

After vnt advisory

In the end gotten approval with our help form Bank Islam, a total of RM280K, a very well enough amount for him to start his business and support the business running until it’s stable and generating profit.

Scrap metals recycling business, turnover around RM120K per month.

BEFORE vnt advisory

Wanted to apply for a house refinance in order to lower down the house loan interest and also to obtain a top up cash loan for business maintaining back up funding, but due to industry which is scrap metals, one of the industries avoided by most banks, she couldn’t find a bank that is willing to accept her house refinance application.

After vnt advisory

In the end gotten the approval with our help from Ambank, total top up refinance cash loan of RM180K, plus lowered house loan interest rates

About Us

Founded in 2018 by a group of licensed bank loan agents, we are a premier financial solutions hub, offering tailored services and invaluable expertise to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

We have connections with all the local banks in Malaysia including Islamic banks as well as financial institution approved and licensed by Bank Negara.

Our goal is to achieved a win-win situation between us and the client.

Ever Changing Interest Rates (%)

Times are changing fast, finance interest rates changes even faster. The best loan yesterday may not be the same today. 

Reach out to us so that we can offer you the cheapest financial solutions to ease your worries. Our experienced bank loan agencies are here to guide you through the lending process, ensuring you make informed decisions for a secure financial future.

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Personal Loan

A strategic financial move for your burdened by various financial obligations. 

Combine it into a single loan with a potentially lower interest rate today!

A strategic financial move for those burdened by various financial obligations includes our credit loan solutions.

Contact us now if you aim to simplify your financial landscape, reduce overall interest payments and regain control over your economic well-being.

Housing Loan

Whether you're purchasing a new property, considering a second-hand one with significant financial considerations, or seeking to refinance your current mortgage loan to another bank for reduced interest rates and monthly repayments, we're here to help.

Some refinancing package got debt consolidation features as well!
Contact us now if you wish to optimize financial management, providing an avenue for potential savings and increased long-term financial stability.

SME Loan

Term Loan, Overdraft, Trade Line, Property Loan, Contract Financing and Invoice Loan

Sole proprietor, partnership or Sdn Bhd

The interest rate is cheaper than personal loan as it use bank  money to roll instead of using own money!

Contact us now for the most suitable financing solution for the growth and success of your business, such as tailored business loans.

Crowd Funding

Individuals, businesses and organizations

Contact us now if you wish to seek for financial support or access capital

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